Kickstarter backers
Kickstarter backers Making the intangible, tangible

IPSim ran on Kickstarter from the 8th of October 2014 to the 16th November 2014 with a funding target of £3000.  A total of 24 people and company's backed us from the UK, Nigeria, Netherlands, USA, Malta and New Zealand.  They were private individuals, business consultants, patent / legal / accounting firms, a plastics manufacture, a leading on-line market place in Nigeria, energy company's, software company's, a PR company, local authorities, a biotech compay and a recruitment company!

Here's the link to the project on the Kickstarter website.

1. Olatokunbo Fagbamigbe - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Lagos, Nigeria

Konga on-line


2. Steven Henry - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Luton, UK

Chalmor Limited



3. Ioannis Katramados - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Cranfield, London, UK and Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Cosmonio Limited

4. Graham Clark - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Cranfield, UK 

Cranfield University and Ceren-CMT Ltd


5. Anthony Sorrell - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Bournemouth, UK 

Solid Contracts Ltd

6. AI Solve - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Luton, UK 

AI Solve Ltd


7. Alina Bezuglova - I Kickstarted IPSim!

London, UK 

Pitchswag Ltd

8. Shireen Smith - I Kickstarted IPSim!

London, UK 

AZ Rights Solicitors

9. Jonathan Mifsud - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Zabbar, Malta 

Maze Digital Ltd




10. Jacquie Manners - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Bedford, UK

Manners PR

11. Hashim Ahktar - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Cranfield, UK 

ix47 Ltd

12. Jason Heron - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Arlington, Virginia, USA 

Peach Tree Power Inc.

13. Victoria Alvey - I Kickstarted IPSim!  

Tax Consultant at Magma Chartered Accountants

Rugby, UK 

14. James Cushing - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Head of Investment at Central Bedfordshire Council, UK

Northampton, UK 

15. Robert Dempster - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Principal, European and Chartered UK Patent Attorney at Maschio & Soames IP Limited

Southampton, UK 

16. Colin Hudson - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Cranfield, UK 

Hudson Coaching (Hollybush Coaching Ltd)

17. Tony Rutz - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Auckland, New Zealand 

Millennium Plastics Ltd

18. Kate Wilson and Rachel Mayall - We Kickstarted IPSim!

Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Zealand 

James & Wells LLP




19. Chris Hunt - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Harpenden, UK 

Microarray Ltd

20. Helloise Paull and Ilya Karzi - I Kickstarted IPSim!

London, UK 

Mathys & Squire LLP

21. Gareth Jones - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Milton Keynes, UK 

Mazars Ltd

22. Mal Hussain - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Business Relationship Manager, Aylesbury Vale District Council, Luton, UK 

23. Kathryn Waugh - I Kickstarted IPSim!

Financial Controller at Oceania Group, Auckland, New Zealand