IPCalc Making the intangible, tangible

IPCalc is an on-line tool that allows you to value intellectual property and innovations - including intangible assets.  IPCalc let's you value as many assets, as many times as you like.

Intangible assets are defined as 'all the elements of a business enterprise that exist separately from monetary and tangible assets'.  

This robust and flexible tool uses the future income approach of free cash flows to appraise your assets, giving you their current ‘market value’.  

Market value is defined as ‘the present value of the future economic benefits of ownership’.  

Why a tool to value intangibles?

We've developed IPCalc to make intangible asset valuation open to all, transparent and robust. IPCalc is easy to use and flexible enough for anyone to establish a valuation of their intangible assets. We did this through research at the world renowned Cranfield University (School of Management) and world-class Chartered IP Attorney's and Accountants.

How does IPCalc work?

IPCalc has been standardised and focuses on what really matters - the fundamentals. The beauty of IPCalc is that it allows you to refine the valuation by modifying the inputs with the comfort in mind that you have a standardised model as a basis.  The closer your inputs represent real market figures, the closer IPCalc will get to market value. IPCalc is able to value Intangible Assets, Inventions, Innovations, IP you use internally (Internally generated or in-licenced) and IP you licence to others (Out-licences).

Click here to see some screenshots of IPCalc.  There are several inputs you'll need to perform an IPCalc valuation.  If you need some help finding these inputs then we can support you.  The most important element in intangible asset valuation is being able to identify the intangible asset and separate it from the tangible assets.  By ensuring complete separation, it is more likely that the 'intangible' will be valued accurately.

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